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Monday to Friday from 12h to 20h

Saturday from 14h to 20h

Sunday doesn´t work



Tantric massage therapy is made with very light touch streaming, aiming to awaken the natural senses of the body, thus expanding the finer aspects, or sensory. It is related to the vital energy, the chakras and bioelectricity Ringtones aid in energy reorganization of the body. As the touches are light, it is a comforting massage, which affects the emotional body dissolving past memories and patterns. In addition to the comfortable touch, the Self is taken to find a deeper and more conscious breathing, within a comfortable aspect to it, so you can bring a better quality of feeling, holding body sensations. With the continuous flow of touch by the body’s vital energy is strengthened, waking greater liveliness that encourages all sectors of life, but especially sexuality, natural delivery to love.


Sensitive Touch Tantra

Despertar Tântrico

Tradicional Tantric Massage

Ritual Tantric Massage

Lingam Massage

Yoni Massage